Monday, October 10, 2011

Quick Survey to Help Out

While reading Pharyngula as usual on my lunch breaks, I came across this survey on the American Family Values webpage. Of course if there's the word "Family" in the title you guessed what they're all about: FUCK the gays!

So this survey, apart from being composed of a few short and somewhat loaded questions, is supposed to demonstrate that the American people are small-minded bigots, therefore politicians should be swayed by that to vote down any legislation that would stop discrimination.

Of course this survey is on their website, so obviously the people taking it would be the kind of people that cruise that website anyway, so it's a completely biased sample. Therefore, in order to level the playing field ever so slightly, pass it around to as many people as possible and take the 20seconds to fill it out.

You will also notice that questions 1. and 3. are particularly loaded, since they are asking if the people support something that no one is advocating for anyway, but don't let that phase you. As PZ said, they're either going to have to outright lie or just ignore the survey entirely once we're all done!

Thank you for your support

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