Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Non C'è Due Senza Tre...

I'd like to close this boss trifecta with a common Italian saying, literally translated as there is no two without three, and a big thanks to Why Evolution Is True for posting this video of Bill Nye the Science Guy. I adored Bill Nye as a kid, along with Kratts Creatures he was my main source of science growing up, ironically educating me even more in many areas than my science teachers in elementary and middle school. 

Sometimes, you find out that the people on TV that you loved as a kid turn out to be not so great in real life (I almost cried when I heard about the racial slurs thrown out there by Kramer, or how Frasier is actually a right-wing nut) but not this time! Bill Nye turns out to be just as cool in real life as he was on TV, as illustrated by his willingness and sincerity in coming out publicly against creationism.

Coincidence that three days later a rumor on twitter spread that he was dead? Probably not, but who cares. Bill Nye, you rock.

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