Friday, December 14, 2012

This Gave Even Me Pause

The other day, I stumbled upon a quick graphic that PZ Myers had made and put up on Pharyngula. Now I consider myself to be fairly educated with regards to women's issues, I talk about it quite frequently and even have been accused of exaggeration, people telling me the situation is really not as bad as I make it out to me. And yet, even I was shocked at this one

That is unbelievable.

Now when I look at this graphic, my mind automatically goes to how my statistically impaired friends would attempt to tear this apart.

The first point of contention being: Yea well, there were women killed in 9/11, Iraq and Afghanistan too! So the graphic is even more skewed than this! But that's not really the point, because they were not killed for simply being women. But then that's not fair either, because the women killed by their partners were not necessarily killed for being women, although the fact that they were women definitely was the largest indirect reason for their murder. 

The point of this graphic is the national conversation. 9/11 was a tragedy, and we are reminded of how tragic it was constantly, how many American lives were lost, how devastating it was. We are constantly talking about supporting the troops, and how it is insanity to be losing so many American lives overseas in such a pointless war.

And yet, when is women being killed by their partners ever made a big deal? When is the national day of remembering them? How many discussions about that are had on television? Where are the sorrowful television specials dedicated to so many more American lives lost? 

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  1. The fuck?
    About 12,000 women killed by their husband or boyfriend in about the past eleven years?
    Does this include former husbands and boyfriends, or does it count if they were "just somehow" involved? Not that it would make this graphic any less alarming, but this would mean three women are killed DAILY by the person who is supposed to care the most about them.

    Then again, in America are about 315 million people and according to Wikipedia, there were 14,180 people murdered in 2008, with is an average of about 39 people each day, so this graph might even tell the truth.

    Holy damn, i can't believe there are so many retarded domestic partners out there.
    If three of them each day are crazy enough to murder their woman, there are even more out there who "just" treat her like shit.

    That's kind of depressing.