Friday, February 10, 2012

A Monster Rears His Ugly Head

Not so long ago I got into a discussion about the Catholic sex abuse scandals with a youtuber that goes by JerryManda101, who was ademantly defending Ratzinger and even went on to say (about Crimen Sollicitationis):

Paragraphs 15 to 21 of the document demands (under threat of excommunication) that anyone solicited for sex by a priest is to denounce that priest. That hardly sounds like a cover-up

It is that comment that first sprang to mind after reading this story, once it stopped spinning with shock and disgust.

In an interview this week with Connecticut Magazine, Cardinal Edward Egan, withdrew his 2002 apology for the Church's handling of the sex-abuse scandal, which was once read in all New York parishes. 

Don't forget that it was in 2002 that the Vatican approved the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, so it was in vogue to feel bad about, you know, covering up and facilitating child rape. 

But now enough time has passed I suppose, it's no longer necessary to keep up appearances and, in the US at least, extremism seems to be the new look everyone is trying on. Time to show himself for the ghoul he is

A decade after that letter, the former archbishop of New York, and former bishop of Bridgeport, now describes the handling of the priest-abuse crisis under his watch as “incredibly good.” He said of the letter, "I never should have said that,” and added, “I don’t think we did anything wrong.”

Bishop Egan ran a diocese that was notoriously dangerous for children. Contrary to his claim, during his twelve-year enthronement at Bridgeport, Egan repeatedly failed to investigate priests where there were obvious signs of abuse, according to The Hartford Courant. His diocese had to settle the cases and awarded victims some $12-15 million in damages. 

Are you ready for the kicker?
Egan did punish some priests. But not child-abusers. He swiftly punished and evicted those Catholic priests that said the Traditional Latin Mass (later liberalized by Pope Benedict XVI), if he thought they didn't pay him sufficient deference.
He also claimed that the Church had no obligation to report abuse to the civil authorities. 

Of course not. Not only do you not report the scum of the earth to the cops, you don't even kick them out of the Church when you find out what they've been doing. Save that punishment for priests that were not kissing his white flabby ass. 
Yes yes I know, it's all a big conspiracy right? All there to make the Vatican look bad? Go ahead and read the interview yourself, he said it plain and simple. If you agree with him and think that not denouncing, reporting or even firing priests that sexually abuse children is wrong then I'm going to have to agree with Tim Minchin,

You're a fucking motherfucker.

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