Saturday, February 4, 2012


Apologies for the lack of posts guys, but shit have I had an adventure! I was supposed to come down to Rome for the weekend, but thanks to the glorious blizzards we've been having there were cancelled trains and a whole lot of confusion. I managed to force myself onto a train that was actually leaving for my hometown only to get off to find Rome under the fucking snow! In ROME! The buses weren't working, I had a hell of a time getting home, but finally I made it. The city was a mess, and I know a lot of you cold-weather-dwellers will scoff at how a bit of snow can bring some cities to their knees, but in fairness it hasn't snowed in Rome since 1985. So what do you think is the cause people? Is it

a. global warming
b. a freak winter
c the apocalypse

While you decide, here are a couple of pictures

I suppose only someone who has lived here can comprehend how truly weird this is

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