Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sorry Guys, I Need a Moment...

This is going to sound a little gushy, but can I just take a moment to say how awesome my colleagues are?

Well, it's my blog, so I can take any moment I like anyway....

But seriously, I love love love my colleagues. They're fun, outgoing, and most certainly do not take themselves seriously, all of them, without exception. They're the first to jump at the idea of making a parody video in the halls of our fancy institute, or playing on the kids playset in the park. What better place could I possibly have ended up in?

It's not like any of them are reading this blog.... in fact to date only one of them even knows of the existence of this blog and I'm pretty sure she's forgotten all about it by now, so this is not a suck-up post. It just needed to be said.

It needed to be said because, while popular stereotypes tell us that scientists are intellectual Asperger-y antisocial awkward conceited geeks, we can actually be loads of fun, and not afraid to make complete asses of ourselves. 

I love it. I love them. Enough said for now.

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