Monday, December 19, 2011

Making The Distinction Between Personal Belief and Being Flat Out Wrong: Part III

With the gay marriage debate raging on in many parts of the world right now I am going to come right out and say the obvious. If you don't think gay marriage should be legal you are a homophobic hypocritical bigot. That's right, I said it, and I stick by it.

But CE, I just don't believe in gay marriage! I just believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. That's just my view, my opinion, you can't condemn me as a bigot just for disagreeing with you. You're right, I can't, however you can still believe all those things and still think it should be legal. Once again I am just asking for a little consistency.

Let's take a Catholic as our example, simply because I am quite familiar with Catholic doctrine and its belief system is quite standardized thanks to the constant intervention of the Vatican in telling everyone what they officially believe. As a Catholic, you also don't believe in divorce. You don't believe in the validity of secular marriage, Muslim marriage (especially when a man is marrying a second wife), birth control, many things, but that does not mean that you believe that any of those things should necessarily be illegal. You may think it is immoral to get divorced, you may think that getting married outside of church is not a real marriage, but do you deny that it should be legal for others that do not agree with you and/or believe different things? You may never get divorced, but do you really think that the laws of your country should be based entirely on your religious doctrine?

If you do, you should move to Vatican City, or at least show a little consistency in your arguments. I will respect you more if you tell me that its not just gay marriage that should be illegal, but all marriage outside of the Catholic faith. The same goes for divorce, abortion, birth control, for everyone and not just for people who believe in what you do. You should ask that everyone in your country obeys your rules and believes in your God or get the fuck out, because that is what you believe. Sounds a little stubborn and pigheaded when put like that doesn't it? Well, it sounds just as pigheaded to the rest of us when you whine about gay marriage.

You are denying other people the same rights that you have because of how they were born. That in itself is reprehensible, but it becomes outright bigoted and hypocritical when you decide to pick on the gays and not on everything else you have an issue with it, hiding behind your beliefs to wiggle away from the label of bigot. Sorry, but you're not getting away with this one. Either you advocate for every single law in your country, ones that apply to everyone including those not of your faith, to obey the rules of your religion, or you understand that while you will not partake in the freedoms the laws of your land provide because you believe them to be immoral doesn't mean others should be kept from making their own choices. You can't have it both ways.

So if you are against gay marriage ask yourself why? Are you consistent, or are you just plain bigoted?

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