Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Who The Hell Is Ayn Rand?

The name Ayn Rand is one that I had heard thrown around quite a lot, but it wasn't until today that I found out exactly who this person was. With all the permutations of the names "Ron", "Paul", "Rand" and "Ryan" in politics today, especially since many of them also mention Ayn Rand in their speeches, I was very confused to find out today that Ayn Rand was actually a Russian woman who died in the 1980s. Anyway, thanks to Ben Fenton over at Resisting the Milieu (great blog, go read it, fell in love after reading this post) I was linked to an incredibly fascinating article about her.

I am intrigued to the point that I want to read one of her books to review for this blog. From the quotes posted in the article they seem so contradictory and so ridiculous that I am fascinated to see if I can understand what it was about them that made them so intoxicating and convincing to people. However, I refuse to buy one of her books online. Although she is no longer alive I don't want anyone associated with her to profit from my purchase. It is the same reason why I have not yet read Dianetics, although I am dying to sink my teeth into that one as well. With both books I am keeping an eye out at flea markets, second hand book stores or libraries that might have what I'm looking for.

If you know of anywhere I can get my hands on a copy without giving the publishers money or boosting their stats let me know! I will keep you updated in case anything progresses. Until then,

damn Ayn Rand was fucking weird!

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