Monday, December 5, 2011

Someone Please Explain This To Me

My progress report gets ever nearer and I am ever more freaking out. However, I am very lucky because this week ends at Wednesday for me, and so I can finally put my feet up and relax for four days after this final push. We don't get Thanksgiving weekend over here, but at least we get this!

And what is "this", you might ask? Well, The 8th of December is the Immaculate Conception, a holiday in this Catholic country of ours.

While I am, as always, sincerely happy to take any excuse I can get to have a couple of days off, there is only one thing I really don't get. How can the 8th of December be the Immaculate Conception?

Quit the eye rolling, I know there was no immaculate conception. The Bible doesn't even really talk about it all that explicitly. However it has been a fully absorbed and accepted part of Catholic doctrine for centuries now. So I want to know what the official Catholic story is.

You're telling me that Mary conceived Jesus on the 8th of December..... and gave birth to him on the 25th?! DAIMN that's a short pregnancy! That's like some shit out of Fringe

I want an explanation. Everyone I ask here who was raised Catholic but not practicing for a very long time seem to never have thought of this and have no idea. The only properly Catholic person I know is a bit of a history/archeology buff so she is fully aware that the 25th of December was a borrowed date from the pagans so she does not believe Jesus was literally born on midnight of the 24th, so she wont explain it to me either. But I want the official story from the Vatican or any other Christian authority that believes in these dates literally.

What is your precise explanation? Are you really saying that Mary had a two-week pregnancy with Jesus?

Do let me know

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