Wednesday, January 11, 2012

He's Not Crazy, He's Just A Bald-Faced Liar

I have always been particularly fond of Hanlon's Razor, I feel it is wonderfully appilcable to a subset of silly conspiracy theories, religious mania and the like. However, unfortunately, there are many instances in which it simply does not apply.

I suppose my fondness for Hanlon's Razor also has very much to do with the fact that I tend to not think people are bad or immoral by choice, I would rather believe that people are tricked, misguided, ignorant, uninformed, crazy or just flat out stupid rather than being "malicious" or evil people. This is why I roll my eyes at the ignorant fuckwits that plague the human race, but I don't automatically attribute their actions to malice.

Wouldn't it be nice if the world worked the way I wanted it to? An ignorant person can be educated, a crazy person can get therapy, a tricked person can be enlightened, but a willful liar and evil person will go on lying and being evil, they cannot be helped because they don't need fixing. It's a depressing thought but unfortunately, with some people it is absolutely the case. Just look at Marjoe, James Hydrick, each time I see these people just confess they were fully aware that they were making everything up I'm surprised and yet angry at myself for being so naive. But I am getting better at telling the difference, which I realized after seeing this video

As soon as I saw the title of the video I said Ooh great! Let's see what he has to say. As soon as I saw what he said I thought fucking bullshit. I always thought Pat Robertson was crazy. He's one smart pathetic excuse of a human being. Pat Robertson is not stupid or crazy, he's just a fucking liar and he is fully aware that every single sentence that comes out of his mouth is a pile of stinking horseshit. From this interview I'm pretty sure he is also an atheist.

Why do I say that? Contrast him with Harold Camping. Remember him? Harold Camping, I believe, was crazy. So why? What is the big difference between the two?

The difference is that one of them made falsifiable claims by predicting a future event. Harold Camping gave a solid, concrete date that came around relatively shortly after he made the prediciton. It was a date that, once things did not go as he thought he would, people could look at him and say dude, you were wrong. What would a flat-out con artist do? They would say things like "the rapture is coming some time soon, within our lifetimes", or "God told me when it will happen, but I'm not allowed to tell anybody about it".

And that is exactly what Pat Robertson did here. He said he knew, for sure, who the next US president would be, but couldn't tell us. Well why the fuck not Pat? Wouldn't that gain your cause a few extra followers once they saw you made an accurate prediction thanks to your chat with Yahweh? He will not risk being flat-out, wiggle-room-free wrong, and that is why I am convinced he knows that he is full of shit.

Why do I think he is an atheist? Because I cannot fathom someone believing in a vengeful, punishing God taking the piss out of him in front of millions. Can there be greater blasphemy? Would he risk Hell for some blood diamond money on Earth? No way. That guy doesn't believe in a single word he says, including in the very existence of the almighty deity he credits for the amassing of his fortune.

The jig is up Pat. I'm just embarassed it took me this long to figure it out, probably because you really are irrelevant enough to the rest of the world that I was unaware of your very existence until a couple of years ago.

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