Monday, March 19, 2012

Another Heart-Breaking Example Of Pure Racism

This is a story that I have been following for the past couple of weeks on TheYoungTurks, and it still amazes me that this disgusting excuse for a human being has not been arrested. A man runs after a 17-year old kid, 10 years his junior and 100lbs lighter than him who is running away and screaming for help, shoots him in the chest murdering him in cold blood, admits it all to the police claiming self defense, and why is he not rotting in jail? Oh, of course, he's white, the kid he shot is black, duh. I was unaware this was 1920s Mississippi and not 2012 in Florida.

Now, thanks to PZ Myers I have discovered that there is a petition calling for this bastard's arrest. Please sign it, share it, do whatever you can to bring as big and bright a spotlight on this unabashedly racist police department that you can. The 9/11 calls made that TYT was speculating about have also been released, damning Zimmerman even more, and yet he's still kicking back at home.

I don't know what else to say


  1. I find it funny that you posted that this is about pure racism, when you only get the slanted, biased media sensationalism of the event.

    I find it racist that people jump to the conclusion of racism without any actual evidence to support their position.

    I have been following this case for some time (it is now 28 July) and though my comment is definitely tardy, I think this is exactly what the mass media wants, hype, division, and chaos.

    I am watching the Zimmerman trial closely to see what happens, and I reserve my judgement until all the evidence comes to light.

    1. much mew evidence has come to light, but my opinion has not changed about the racism on the part of the police department in handling this case. This post was put up before the media started to really rave about it, and if they hadnt, the case would probably have ended up the way this one did

      Of course, calling out racism in the US PD departments is jumping to conclusions, biased, and racist itself. Not like there are dozens of examples of it, and those are just the ones that we hear about.