Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ooh How I Get This Guy...

Being only half Italian, my travels often brought me visiting my mother's family and friends, and when I was younger occasionally this brought me to New York. My mother has a long time friend from an Italian-American family, so when I would visit her kids would present me to all their friends as an Italian, like from Italy, how cool am I. At my tender young age I didn't get how deeply these families prided themselves in their Italian heritage, and it just annoyed me when the 100th person came up to me and said "You're Italian? Cool, I'm Italian too!" which was second only to "Hey, want some more mutzarel?" So when I saw this Funny or Die clip, I couldn't relate more to the poor guy

I don't know how many people get this the way I do, but trust me, it's funny as hell, and so so true.

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