Monday, November 14, 2011

Berlusconi Has to Have the Last Word

Wow. What an asshat.
After finally leaving office on Saturday, November 12th at 9:53pm, Berlusconi issued a video statement explaining..... I'm not sure what exactly. It makes me have a similar reaction to when I watch people like Bill O'Reilly, you dont really believe this shit do you? I mean, are you just an idiot, are you so delusional that you've convinced yourself of what you're saying, or are you flat out baldfaced lying?! Also I just want to punch your face.
OK, so let's break it down
It's in italian of course, so I'll translate wherever I need to.

He starts by saying that Italy has to be united to face the problems that are ahead. And that the first and last thing that I agree with him on.

He then says "solo mettendo da parte l'invidia". which means "only putting aside jealosy".... what the fuck does jealosy have to do with anything?! You think that you got kicked out of office because people are jealous of you? I was unaware that Berlusconi was a fifteen year old girl.

After reminding us all that his last act in office was to pass a law containing 50% of the reform measures the EU asked of Italy, he explains why he then immediately resigned:

L'ho fatto per senso di responsabilità. Per senso dello Stato. L'ho fatto per evitare all'Italia un nuovo attacco dalla speculazione finanziaria. L'ho fatto senza essere mai stato sfiduciato dal Parlamento. Anzi, avendo ottenuto più volte della Camera e del Senato dove possiamo contate tutt'ora sulla maggioranza assoluta. E' stato, consentito dirlo, triste, vedere che un gesto responsabile, e se permettete generoso, come le dimissioni, sia stato accolto con fischi e con insulti.

Translation: I did it for the sense of responsability. For a sense of the State. I did it to avoid a new attack from financial speculation for Italy. I did it without ever losing support from Parliment. On the contrary, having obtained in multiple times from the House and the Senate, where we can still count on the absolute majority. It was, if I may say, sad, to see that a responsible gesture, and if I may a generous one, like a resignation, was met with whistles (the italian version of booing) and with insults.

Oh. My. God. The nerve of this man. The outright lies.

First of all, it's bullshit that he has the confidence and the support of Parliament. He has been hammered in the polls, and the people are fed up with his shit, politicians included. It is so reminiscent of his friend Ghaddafi: Revolution? What revolution? What are you talking about? My people love me!
Secondly, where the HELL does he get off saying that it was a generous act? Silvio, what was generous was that all you got was whistles and insults, or are you unaware of what happened to our last dictator?
But oh, he continues:

Ringrazio comunque gli Italiani. Grazie per l'affetto, per la forza che ci avete trasmesso e che ci hanno permesso di raggiungere molti degli obbiettivi che ci erano prefissi fin dal 1994 nel giorno in cui annunciai la mia discesa in campo. Quel giorno ha cambiato la storia dell'Italia. Al credo politico che pronunciai allora non sono mai mai venuto meno. Fu, rimane, una dichiarazione d'amore per l'Italia. Dissi l'Italia e' un paese che amo (...) Non cambio una virgola di quelle parole.

Translation: Anyway I thank the Italians. Thank you for your affection, for the strength that you have emitted that has permitted us to reach many of the goals that were put in place since 1994 the day I announced my candidacy. That day Italy's history changes. At the oath I took then I have never, never come up short. It was and it remains a declaration of love for Italy. I said :Italy is a country I love" (...) I don't change a comma of those words.

Real translation: thank you for allowing me to amass more money and power than any other politician in Europe, which is exactly what I set out to do in the first place. As for loving Italy, you're really going to say that to us with a straight face after you were caught red handed saying you thought this country is a piece of shit?

He then goes on to talk about how important the majority is and a united Parliament will help solve our problems etc. But then he has the gall to say this:

Dobbiamo uniti far fronte a una crisi che non e' nata in Italia, che non e' nata sul nostro debito, che non e' nata sulle nostre banche, che non e' nata neppure in Europa, e' una crisi che e' diventata una crisi della nostra moneta comune dell'euro che non ha il sostegno che ogni deve avere.

Translation: We must united confront a crisis that was not born in Italy, was not born on our debt. that was not born in our banks, that was not even born in Europe, it's a crisis that has become a crisis of our common currency the euro that does not have the support that each (currency) should have.

Sure. Blame it on the States and the euro. That isn't to say that the economic crisis in the US didn't precipitate this mess, but why has Italy been hit so hard and why is it going to be so hard, if at all possible, to bounce back? Because Berlusconi destroyed this country and has left the people to pick up the pieces.

 He then goes on to say that he wants "redouble his efforts to fix this country" as if he has any power left. The big problem is that Berlusconi owns this country, he can financially ruin a politician who does not do what he wants them to, but let's hope his shaming will give more people the courage to stand up to this slimy bully. It would be as if a Koch brother got elected President of the US, disaster.

And an update from the lab: no one mentioned that he's gone. I think everyone is in a slight state of shock so they reverted to the good old fashioned pessimism: until they see something actually change, they wont believe it.

In the meantime, let's hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and do what we can to push change is the right direction.

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