Friday, November 18, 2011

A Perfect Example of That Italian Pessimism

Well, of course Italian students have gotten quite the taste for protesting, and have already started protesting Mario Monti's government.

Look, I am all for the indignatos and occupy movements, which have kind of fused together in Italy to create what you see now. I get it, things are shit and you don't trust people in power not to screw you over when they try to patch the holes in the dam with your money instead of tearing it down and rebuilding the thing. However people please, take a load off for once,

The new government hasn't even done anything yet!!!

Let me break it down for you a little bit. Mario Monti: who is he? Well, he's an economist, an ex European Comissioner, he's a lot of things. But one thing that he is not: a politician

The new Italian "emergency government" is made up of college professors, experts in their relative fields, but not people who have ever been part of a political party.
Am I the only one that thinks that was brilliant? Not only are you not giving the power to a bunch of corrupt bums (I'm not just making a pessimist comment here, Italy actually has a huge government corruption problem), but it also puts aside all the partisan bullshit that we really don't need right now in order to fix this crisis.

Maybe the US Super Committee should have been made up of professors and economists instead of congressmen..... just saying

Anyway, not only that, but Mario Monti has already spoken about what he's planning to do. He's actually brought up the issue of social disparity, organized crime involvement, tax evasion of the wealthy and growth stimulation, he's not just proposing sweeping austerity measures as if cutting social services is the answer to all economic problems.

I know they're just words right now and I'm not so naive as to think that he's bound by what he says, or that just being in the presence of politicians can't corrupt the crap out of him, but words are all we have to judge him on right now. And based on his words I don't get why anyone is protesting. OK so you don't believe he's going to stick to it and you want to let him know that you wont be having any funny business. Great. Message received, now can we actually see what happens before huffing about him already?

Also remember, this temporary emergency government can be dissolved at any time before the elections in 2013, he is not protected by the fact that he was voted in by the people and has a term to serve out, so he has to deliver. I don't actually know almost anything about him, but I'm allowing myself to be curious to see how it plays out before declaring that I KNOW nothing is going to change and that no difference will ever be made. 

Stay tuned for more from our struggling country

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